Friday, March 31, 2017

MGG is now our Main Focus

Development has now begun on all of our initial projects, but one is outshining the rest and is poised to become our main focus and first release. MGG is reaching the point where a playable demo may soon be available to the public, the starting game play is complete, and we accomplished a big milestone today; bringing our first monster girl into engine!

How cute is she? Neko can be attracted to your garden with grass, with a large enough section of grass, and some love and attention they'll be yours in no time. 
We are currently preparing to release the first gameplay video, just a few bells and whistles to tack on first. Stay tuned, folks.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Current Projects, Plans for the Future, etc.

Dungeons and Desire

is a top down, 2.5d action adventure game. It utilizes the dungeons and dragons attribute/ difficulty challenge system, whereby the character has a number of stats, each one affecting different aspects of how they interact with the world. Difficulty challenges set a value for the character to overcome based on how difficult the task is. For example, a character with a strength of 14 gets +2 to die rolls on strength related tasks, so if this character wanted to climb a wall with a DC of 5 they would have to roll at least a 3 to successfully gain height. 

If you're a DnD player you're familiar with this system. Depending on the group you play with, you may have experienced something similar to this game's intent, although I doubt it. You play a female adventurer in a land of sex crazed deviants and monsters driven by lust, your strength tasks will involve things more like escaping a monsters grapple, one who is trying to tear the clothes from your body. Constitution or Willpower saves will allow you to prevent giving in to your baser desires. And of course I'm sure you can assume what mind control and magical paralysis are often used for in this world.

Tentacles in Space

is a side scrolling, point and click adventure game. The heroine must travel from planet to planet deactivating mind control devices which have enslaved women on Earth. To do this she must contend with the planets wild life, and ultimately out-smart the aliens controlling Earth. This game will contain a lot of exploration and puzzle solving elements, as well as plenty of scenes of her being delayed and otherwise foiled by various creatures/ traps. If you know what I mean.

Monster Girl Garden

is a garden building, time management/ life simulation game. The player is granted a dejected section of land in which to build a garden to attract the world's monster girls. Various types ranging from slime girls, harpies, to lamia, etc. roam the wilderness looking for a place to call home, attract visitors and convince them to stay. Ward off evil untamable monster girls by sending your strongest to fight them. If you've ever played viva piƱata the game will play a lot like that.

Friday, March 10, 2017


Welcome to the official blog of the very unofficial game company, Noxious Studios. The idea/plan is to begin servicing a very specific and niche area of the video game industry, a section that I've always thought has had much potential, but it has never been fully seized due to it's nature and society's tendency towards censorship and conservatism; this area is called H games.

If I need to explain to you any further, you're probably not a fan and/or have never played one before, but all hope is not lost, if you've gotten to this point in your life knowing what hentai is, and knowing what video games are, but not knowing what an H game is all I can say is you've been missing out. Now there's a chance you've heard of them but are not a fan, if this is true for you it's probably a good time to check out. Otherwise this could be the beginning of a whole new world to you! 

Senran Kagura, Gal Gun, Breeding Season (now closed), with any hope the Cloudy Meadow team has half the balls Harista Bomb did*. These are all great examples of what we are striving towards; the combination of inherent human sexuality with the infinite entertainment and story telling potential of video games. Join us on this journey, it's going to be one hell of a ride!

*HBomb if you read this somehow we need to talk. Drop me an e-mail at

Some examples of past inspirational projects, as well as what we are working on right now and the many plans for the feature are to come. So stay tuned if you're interested.