Tuesday, September 26, 2017

MGG: Monsteronna Village

Posted a new video to YouTube showing the progress that's been made on the Village, which I call 'Monsteronna Village.' This is a direct translation to "Monster Girl Village," 'Onna' being the direct translation for 'girl' in Japanese.

Welcome, my friends and trainers!

Friday, September 15, 2017

MGG: Game Guide

I've received a lot of requests for a Game Guide of sorts, so thus information will also appear in game in version 0.8.

1. Clearing the Land
The first thing you'll want to do is clear the land, debris gets in the way and blocks certain actions, so the more you remove the easier time you'll have. Rocks can be broken down with the Pick, and picked up for crafting later. Logs can be broken down, and trees chopped down with the Axe. Weeds can be cleared away, and tiles (such as Dry Grass or Dry Soil) can be turned into Soil with the Hoe.
2. Sculpting your Garden
Once clean now it's time to make your garden your own. Check the encyclopaedia (via the main menu) to see what changes will attract the monster(s) you want. Grass is planted by using a Grass Bag on a Soil tile. Water can be accessed by digging down. Note that any tile which is submerged will begin to erode over time. After a period of roughly 2 days the tile will become Sand. Land can be moved up or down at any time with the Shovel.
3. DING! You have a visitor
The shop door chime indicates that a monster has found its way onto your garden. They'll wander the area as they please for a few hours before leaving, unless you convince them to stay! Note that monsters are totally random, down to their needs, a monster could enter your property with full Lust, and immediately start masturbating for example. So don't be concerned if you don't see them for a while. Also note that visiting monsters have no colour, their hair and body trim colours will be white. When a monster chooses to stay their true colours will be revealed, and you can begin issuing them commands.
4. Make Monster Do Stuff
Observe each monsters stats, these are very important, and will become even more important as development continues. Here is a breakdown:
HP: Stamina in battle, when this reaches 0 the monster is defeated, the opponent is given the opportunity to take advantage of them, and will if their Lust is too high.
MP: Energy to launch special attacks in battle. This recovers over time.
EN: Energy to perform actions outside of combat. Masturbating and having sex costs 1 EN, and engaging in combat costs 2 EN. Level 1 monsters only have 3 EN, so keep this in mind early on. Monsters recover EN at 6am, so if you really want to focus on making money, start them fucking or masturbating early so they don't waste EN on useless fighting.
Loyalty: This stat actually does nothing at the moment, but simply winds up over time if Hunger is sated. This system will be optimized later.
Lust: How horny the monster is. This controls how likely they are to passively begin masturbating or fuck another monster. This can be increased by feeding the monster certain items (Neko Jizz) or decreased by other items (Elf Fluid.)
Hunger: How healthy the monster is.  When a monster gets too hungry they will automatically look for food, but you can command them to Eat something at any time.
Monsters can be issued commands at any time, and will complete them as long as they have the EN to do so. You can tell you monster to Move (0 EN), Eat Something (0 EN),  Masturbate (1 EN), Fuck (1 EN), or Fight (2 EN.) You can also Rename the monster. Note that when issuing the Fuck command, the monster targeted must be horny enough to accept, as this command engages consensual sex. To make a monster take advantage of another monster, raise their Lust to 100 (ensuring the engagement after combat) and send them to fight the other monster. Stronger monsters are harder to rape for obvious reasons, they must first be defeated in combat. Tip the scales by feeding HP Potions to the monster with the disadvantage if you can. 
5. HP Potions? what What WHAT!?
Yeah so there's already a little bit of hidden crafting in the game, item descriptions will reveal this to you. HP Potions can be crafted by dropping a slime gel into a bottle of water. The colour of the slime determines the effect, Red = HP, Blue = MP, and Green = EN. Bottles of water can be made by dropping an Empty Bottle into a Water tile.
6. Making Moneyyy
Making money at this point of development consists of selling stuff. More trees can be planted to generate more acorns/cactus pears to sell, you could focus on generating monster consumables, or you could sell your monsters at the local Harem. The most effective way to generate monster consumables is to make them fuck, monsters having sex takes slightly longer, but produces 2 consumables. While all your pairs of monsters are busy, you can enter player mode and engage an additional monster to produce more consumables while you wait for the others to finish their business (speaking from an efficiency standpoint.) 
7. Player Mode
Speaking of fucking your monsters, we should touch on Player mode. Pressing C at any time will switch you between Player and God mode. You can fuck any monster who is not busy by Left Clicking them, or pressing Bottom Face Button (A) on the gamepad. Right now animations simply play, and there's a cool quick finale where you can aim your shots. However when this system is complete you'll play a mini-game to earn more consumables. Focusing on the monster's pleasure will produce more consumables, in tandem with certain stats the Player will have, as well as other stats which can be added to Monsters, while focusing on your pleasure will complete the mini game faster.