Thursday, October 26, 2017

MGG: Current Monster Emotes

These are the icons which are currently working in the game. I'll briefly explain what each one does, in normal reading order.
Love: Two monsters are about to have sex
No Love: One monster rejects another, this displays on both monsters (this happens due to low Lust in one or both of the monsters)
No Energy: Not enough energy to perform a command
Fight: Two monsters are about to fight
Level Up: ...
Defense: Displayed when a monster's Defense stat is increased by their partner after sex
Speed: Displayed when a monster's Speed stat is increased by their partner after sex 
Attack: Displayed when a monster's Attack stat is increased by their partner after sex 
A few more I plan to add include Birth, Lust Increase, Lust Decrease, Restore Hunger, Restore HP, Restore MP, Restore EN

MGG: New Versions, 0.8 Free, 0.9 Paid

All versions have now been updated.
Free build has been updated to 0.8:

Silver build has been updated to 0.9:
Gold build has been updated to the same, plus gold tools. From now on the Gold Build will be obtainable from the same URL, if this changes I will make a new post:
And last and furthest from least, the Dev Build has been updated, also to the same, but including Ruby tools, Time dilation, and the 3 debug commands offered only to this patron level:

MGG: 10/15 Public Release, Planned Features

  • [  ] New Monster: Lesser Succubus
  1. [X]  Model
  2. [X]  Texture
  3. [  ]  Animations
  4. [X]  Program
  • [X] Monster emoticons; monsters display important interaction information on word bubbles, I.E. if a monster can't perform a task due to lack of energy, the 'No EN' icon is displayed
  • [X] Add Emotes: No EN, Sex Engaged, Sex Rejected, Level Up, Pass Stats, Fight Started
  • [X] Fix glitch: when commanded to have sex, monsters sometimes masturbate instead
  • [X] Fix glitch: monster stat passing did not always pass the correct numbers
  • [  ] Sex minigame with monsters to increase their loyalty and drop more consumables by making them cum multiple times 
  • [  ] Blockout intertior:  Workshop
  • [  ] Blockout intertior:  Lord's Manor
  • [  ] Add Crops; Corn, Rice, Wheat, Tomatos
  • [  ] Add Items; Corn Husk, Bag of Rice, Bag of Wheat, Tomato, Corn Seed, Rice Seeds, Wheat Seeds, Tomato Seed
  • [  ] Add Emotes: Give Birth, Recovered Hunger, Lust Increased, Lust Decreased
  • [  ] Monsters purchased from the Harem need to properly show their hair/trim colours, increase the proper resident count and set their names correctly
  • [  ] Add Skill stat, program chance to dodge
  • [  ] Change how monsters wander the garden. The current behaviour causes them to move around as a sort of hive mind cluster. I'd like them to look for favourite biomes and prefer to wander areas with tiles/trees/decorations that they like. This was a great suggestion by patron Xanthic!
  • [  ] Finalize Feral Monster Programming
  • [  ] Create system for upgrading tools
  • [  ] Fix glitch: battle FX sometimes remain after combat
  • [  ] Fix glitch: monsters sometimes lose focus on their partner during sex, causing mating stats and other things to not record properly