Friday, June 30, 2017

MGG: 7/15 Public Release, Planned Features

Setting this page up right now to carry over the few things that were not added to the patron release tonight. These features will be carried forward and I'll use them to start the next patch, bearing in mind many more things will be added as I create the update.
  • New monster, Lamia
  1. Model
  2. Texture
  3. Animations (idle1, idle2, move, attack, masturbate, sex)
  4. Program New Attacks (Poison Dart, and Tail Whip)
  5. Complete visit requirements
  6. Complete resident requirements

  • Tiles with water over them should become "Sand" tiles after 2 days
  • Add new tree, Cactus, drops item Cactus Pear
  • Add new tree, Maple tree
  • Certain tiles, once a day, will have a 5% chance to generate clutter, flowers, or trees depending on the tile. For example, a sand tile each day has a 5% chance to begin growing a cactus, as long as it is not submerged. This occurs at noon every day.
  • Add flowers to save system
  • Allow flowers to spawn when making new gardens
  • Make fences destroyable with the axe
  • Added text render to show the name of a hovered item before you pick it up
  • Battle Arena menu now displays Monster Name instead of species and level
  • Add decorations (fences at the moment) to save system
  • New items; Harpy Cum, Snake Oil, Cactus Pear
  • Add combat state; Poisoned (this deals damage equal to 25% of the initial poisoning damage every time the poisoned monster attacks)
  • Complete MP system (cost/regen)
  • Changed gender spawn frequency; female 50%, male 41.6%, futa 8.3%, will still probably tweak these in the future 
  • Get monster skill system ready for changing skill loadouts
  • Tweaked collision while buying land, can now detect tiles through obstructions
  • The game needs to keep detailed information on Monster interactions, right now it only remembers how many times each monster has masturbated, fucked, or been fucked. This needs to be more detailed, keeping records of number of fucks, rapes, and fight victories/loses
  • For now offspring will not be created if one of the parents is a visitor. Eventually if one parent is a visitor and the other is a resident, the child will only take its species from the resident parent
  • Add audio prompts for monsters entering garden (thanks again, interLewd!)
  • Considering reducing Neko visit/reside requirements from 20/50 to 15/30
  • Redo tool system. The new system will work like this: The player is using a tool, or an item, or nothing. Tool will pull out the tool, and use will use the tool. When holding something B or Right Click will put the item or tool away. When not holding anything A will interact with monsters, or pick up items, depending on if the player is locked to a monster or not. Hoe will be added, removing Alternate tool use, Shovel will only dig.
  • Items will pull out the item and use will drop them until quantity is zero; all items work like grass bags
  • Fix a problem where monsters can fall into the river and become irretrievable, as well as the player (pointed out by a patron)
  • Added a function where monsters who somehow become trapped outside the garden can temporarily phase through fences to get back in. This will only ever occur if the game detects that they are standing above a tile which is not owned
  • A couple "male" on female animations
  • Add Skill stat, program chance to dodge
  • Adding tool levels; each tool will only swing 1 time, different amounts of swings will be needed to accomplish different goals, i.e. chop a tree down is 10 swings. Higher tool levels will deal more damage. Higher shovel level will play the dig animation faster. Higher hoe level will clear tiles in a line, the length equal to the tools level (bronze will clear 1 square, silver 2, gold 3, and ruby 4, in a straight line)

Friday, June 23, 2017

MGG: Next Patron Update 6/29

Just assembling a super quick list here for the planned updates for the patron release next week.

  • Added Time Dilation! Ruby Level donors from Patreon will have access to a special version with this feature unlocked. Down the line a monster may provide this feature to the free versions, but this will be a long way away, and may never actually happen
  • Save and load visiting monsters
  • Visitors should not generate loyalty
  • Do not allow sex engagement after fight if EN is too low
  • Monster commands
  1. Do not allow lock on during tool use or item selection
  2. Add commanded behaviour, when locked on press A to command monster
  3. Monster faces player while being commanded, does nothing else waits for command, do not allow other monsters to interact with a commanded monster
  4. B unlocks and aborts commanding the monster
  5. Add commands: Rename, Move, Eat, Fight, Masturbate, Fuck
  • Test male species variant (for the time being these will appear like futanari, they will have female bodies with a dick. Male models will come when the system is complete. All "male" slimes will always be futanari.)
  • Display Trainer Information, this will contain data on how many monsters have visited the garden, how many are residents, as well as your Trainer Rank, which you will be able to boost when tournaments are added
  • Monsters would never masturbate when near possible partners, this has been fixed
  • Corrected an error which caused tiles to spawn over the "river"
  • Fixed a lot of errors which caused monsters to stop spawning
  • Increase the frequency of monster spawning
  • Fixed an error which caused the last item in a stack sold to return no money
  • Finish programming new harpy attacks
  • Fixed an error which casued children to be named after the parents species, instead of their own (for example, a slime and harpy could make a new slime called Harpy 2, etc.)
  • Only two monsters of the same species can produce offspring, unless one of them is a slime
  • If two monsters are both male, or both female, offspring will not be produced
  • Test clothes variants for neko/harpy
  • Harpies now only visit during the daytime (6am-6pm)
  • Players can now buy and place fences, eventually will create a method, probably a building in town, where these can be crafted from wood and/or stone, as well as other decortaions
Here is a video which showcases some of, but not all, new features coming out in the new patron release tonight.

Monday, June 19, 2017

MGG: Quick Hotfix

A member of the itch community pointed out an error the other day which was causing monsters to stop spawning. This has now been fixed and re-uploaded to for everyone.

Friday, June 16, 2017

MGG version 0.3 is released!

Head on over to the page to check out the latest version! Lot's of new features to check out, gives you a better idea of where the game is going.


Friday, June 09, 2017

MGG: Moving Saves

I've figured out how Unreal's packaged projects look for saved games, and it should help everyone move their save files between versions. Here's the breakdown:

In the file, you'll find two folders, text files, and an executable. The text files are included information for your benefit, these are either change logs, the instruction manual, or the manifest (this is created on packaging, and I'm still unsure if it's necessary so I'm hesitant to remove it at this point).

Under the MGG folder you'll find Content and Saved, expand Saved. Under Saved you should find Config and Logs. When you save a file, a new folder called SaveGames is created. Gardens are saved in order, your first save will be called 1.sav, then 2.sav, etc. 

If you have an older version of the game, and you want to play your old garden in the updated version, simply copy the .sav file from the old version, and paste it into the SaveGames folder in the new version. If you haven't yet made any saves in the new version, you may as well copy and paste the whole SaveGames folder from the old version.

Please feel encouraged to contact me if you need help with this 😀

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

MGG: New Monster, Harpy!

The next monster coming into the game is the Harpy, this is due to the original development schedule, and also my attachment to Harpy as a character. I know that there is a desire for male monsters, and I'm currently considering my options. These are as follows:
  1. Male monsters are of a new species, this species resembles a current female model (i.e. cat girls have a wolf boy equivalent) and they can always produce offspring together, but have different base stats, requirements, and moves. Or they are unrelated to a current female species, but certain ones can interbreed.
  2. More complicated, but more worthwhile in the long run, is to have a male and female version of each species. This would take the place of an additional variable in the monster actor, and change the model and animation sets accordingly. (I'll probably go this route, as this will make room for futanari variants)
However due to the demand for content I'm pushing the Harpy as the next monster to keep it simple for now. Here is the current encyclopaedia entry, with a picture from as a placeholder.

I will also add the following 2 moves for harpies to use in battle.

Talon Scratch; ATK/SPD damage move, deals .5x ATK + .5x SPD as damage
Beat Wings; SPD effect move, the next 3 attack cooldowns will be reduced by 90%.

Harpies cannot masturbate due to the nature of their arms. Instead they have to get their lust out with other monsters. Harpies take longer to become horny than other species.

Friday, June 02, 2017

MGG: Next Public Release, Planned Features

This is just a checklist of the features I'd like to include in the next public release, which could be seen as version 0.3. I probably won't be able to complete the whole list by the 15th but that's when I'm aiming for. Ruby level patrons will get daily access to the features as they are developed, and Gold or higher will be able to preview Harpy creation.
This list is in order from most to least important;

New Monster, Harpy
  • Create encyclopaedia entry
  • Add species to monster actor
  • Create model, rig
  • Texture model
  • Animations
  1. Standing
  2. Fly
  3. Idle
  4. Attack
  5. Sex

  • Create produce item
  • Program Combat Moves
Other/Misc (COMPLETE)
  • Sometimes if no child is created monsters can "pass on" their best skill to their partner. I.E. if a monsters DEF is its highest skill after sex their partners DEF will increase by 1. This will occur 25% of the time
  • Fixed an error which caused items to fall through the tiles
  • Found a way to combine opacity with roughness and normal maps, water is now see through
  • Add an audio prompt for when monsters spawn into the garden
Monster Commands
  • Clamp max loyalty at 100 instead of 50, revamp loyalty system later
  • Create command behaviour for player and monster
  • Allow player to move monster to desired location
  • Allow player to command monster to eat a certain item
  • Allow player to instruct monster to masturbate
  • Allow player to command monster to fight another monster
  • Allow player to command monster to fuck a certain other monster
Expand Your Garden (COMPLETE)
  • Reprogram how the game determines your property, right now a volume is used, some things will need to be changed simply to test which tiles are owned
  • Allow player to purchase tiles
Potion Making (COMPLETE)
  • Add items, HP Potion, MP Potion, EN Potion, Empty bottle, Water bottle, Red Slime Gel, Green Slime Gel
  • Add variants variable to monster actor, tie different colored slimes to save system
  • Ensure each slime variant produces it's own colour gel
  • Make water: drop empty bottle into water tile
  • Make potion: drop gel onto water bottle (Red produces HP Potion, Blue produces MP Potion, and Green produces EN Potion)
  • Use potion: let monster eat or drop on them
  • Red Slime Gel restores some HP when eaten raw, Blue Slime Gel; MP, and Green Slime Gel; EN.