Friday, June 30, 2017

MGG: 7/15 Public Release, Planned Features

Setting this page up right now to carry over the few things that were not added to the patron release tonight. These features will be carried forward and I'll use them to start the next patch, bearing in mind many more things will be added as I create the update.
  • New monster, Lamia
  1. Model
  2. Texture
  3. Animations (idle1, idle2, move, attack, masturbate, sex)
  4. Program New Attacks (Poison Dart, and Tail Whip)
  5. Complete visit requirements
  6. Complete resident requirements

  • Tiles with water over them should become "Sand" tiles after 2 days
  • Add new tree, Cactus, drops item Cactus Pear
  • Add new tree, Maple tree
  • Certain tiles, once a day, will have a 5% chance to generate clutter, flowers, or trees depending on the tile. For example, a sand tile each day has a 5% chance to begin growing a cactus, as long as it is not submerged. This occurs at noon every day.
  • Add flowers to save system
  • Allow flowers to spawn when making new gardens
  • Make fences destroyable with the axe
  • Added text render to show the name of a hovered item before you pick it up
  • Battle Arena menu now displays Monster Name instead of species and level
  • Add decorations (fences at the moment) to save system
  • New items; Harpy Cum, Snake Oil, Cactus Pear
  • Add combat state; Poisoned (this deals damage equal to 25% of the initial poisoning damage every time the poisoned monster attacks)
  • Complete MP system (cost/regen)
  • Changed gender spawn frequency; female 50%, male 41.6%, futa 8.3%, will still probably tweak these in the future 
  • Get monster skill system ready for changing skill loadouts
  • Tweaked collision while buying land, can now detect tiles through obstructions
  • The game needs to keep detailed information on Monster interactions, right now it only remembers how many times each monster has masturbated, fucked, or been fucked. This needs to be more detailed, keeping records of number of fucks, rapes, and fight victories/loses
  • For now offspring will not be created if one of the parents is a visitor. Eventually if one parent is a visitor and the other is a resident, the child will only take its species from the resident parent
  • Add audio prompts for monsters entering garden (thanks again, interLewd!)
  • Considering reducing Neko visit/reside requirements from 20/50 to 15/30
  • Redo tool system. The new system will work like this: The player is using a tool, or an item, or nothing. Tool will pull out the tool, and use will use the tool. When holding something B or Right Click will put the item or tool away. When not holding anything A will interact with monsters, or pick up items, depending on if the player is locked to a monster or not. Hoe will be added, removing Alternate tool use, Shovel will only dig.
  • Items will pull out the item and use will drop them until quantity is zero; all items work like grass bags
  • Fix a problem where monsters can fall into the river and become irretrievable, as well as the player (pointed out by a patron)
  • Added a function where monsters who somehow become trapped outside the garden can temporarily phase through fences to get back in. This will only ever occur if the game detects that they are standing above a tile which is not owned
  • A couple "male" on female animations
  • Add Skill stat, program chance to dodge
  • Adding tool levels; each tool will only swing 1 time, different amounts of swings will be needed to accomplish different goals, i.e. chop a tree down is 10 swings. Higher tool levels will deal more damage. Higher shovel level will play the dig animation faster. Higher hoe level will clear tiles in a line, the length equal to the tools level (bronze will clear 1 square, silver 2, gold 3, and ruby 4, in a straight line)

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