Friday, June 23, 2017

MGG: Next Patron Update 6/29

Just assembling a super quick list here for the planned updates for the patron release next week.

  • Added Time Dilation! Ruby Level donors from Patreon will have access to a special version with this feature unlocked. Down the line a monster may provide this feature to the free versions, but this will be a long way away, and may never actually happen
  • Save and load visiting monsters
  • Visitors should not generate loyalty
  • Do not allow sex engagement after fight if EN is too low
  • Monster commands
  1. Do not allow lock on during tool use or item selection
  2. Add commanded behaviour, when locked on press A to command monster
  3. Monster faces player while being commanded, does nothing else waits for command, do not allow other monsters to interact with a commanded monster
  4. B unlocks and aborts commanding the monster
  5. Add commands: Rename, Move, Eat, Fight, Masturbate, Fuck
  • Test male species variant (for the time being these will appear like futanari, they will have female bodies with a dick. Male models will come when the system is complete. All "male" slimes will always be futanari.)
  • Display Trainer Information, this will contain data on how many monsters have visited the garden, how many are residents, as well as your Trainer Rank, which you will be able to boost when tournaments are added
  • Monsters would never masturbate when near possible partners, this has been fixed
  • Corrected an error which caused tiles to spawn over the "river"
  • Fixed a lot of errors which caused monsters to stop spawning
  • Increase the frequency of monster spawning
  • Fixed an error which caused the last item in a stack sold to return no money
  • Finish programming new harpy attacks
  • Fixed an error which casued children to be named after the parents species, instead of their own (for example, a slime and harpy could make a new slime called Harpy 2, etc.)
  • Only two monsters of the same species can produce offspring, unless one of them is a slime
  • If two monsters are both male, or both female, offspring will not be produced
  • Test clothes variants for neko/harpy
  • Harpies now only visit during the daytime (6am-6pm)
  • Players can now buy and place fences, eventually will create a method, probably a building in town, where these can be crafted from wood and/or stone, as well as other decortaions
Here is a video which showcases some of, but not all, new features coming out in the new patron release tonight.

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