Thursday, October 26, 2017

MGG: Current Monster Emotes

These are the icons which are currently working in the game. I'll briefly explain what each one does, in normal reading order.
Love: Two monsters are about to have sex
No Love: One monster rejects another, this displays on both monsters (this happens due to low Lust in one or both of the monsters)
No Energy: Not enough energy to perform a command
Fight: Two monsters are about to fight
Level Up: ...
Defense: Displayed when a monster's Defense stat is increased by their partner after sex
Speed: Displayed when a monster's Speed stat is increased by their partner after sex 
Attack: Displayed when a monster's Attack stat is increased by their partner after sex 
A few more I plan to add include Birth, Lust Increase, Lust Decrease, Restore Hunger, Restore HP, Restore MP, Restore EN

MGG: New Versions, 0.8 Free, 0.9 Paid

All versions have now been updated.
Free build has been updated to 0.8:

Silver build has been updated to 0.9:
Gold build has been updated to the same, plus gold tools. From now on the Gold Build will be obtainable from the same URL, if this changes I will make a new post:
And last and furthest from least, the Dev Build has been updated, also to the same, but including Ruby tools, Time dilation, and the 3 debug commands offered only to this patron level:

MGG: 10/15 Public Release, Planned Features

  • [  ] New Monster: Lesser Succubus
  1. [X]  Model
  2. [X]  Texture
  3. [  ]  Animations
  4. [X]  Program
  • [X] Monster emoticons; monsters display important interaction information on word bubbles, I.E. if a monster can't perform a task due to lack of energy, the 'No EN' icon is displayed
  • [X] Add Emotes: No EN, Sex Engaged, Sex Rejected, Level Up, Pass Stats, Fight Started
  • [X] Fix glitch: when commanded to have sex, monsters sometimes masturbate instead
  • [X] Fix glitch: monster stat passing did not always pass the correct numbers
  • [  ] Sex minigame with monsters to increase their loyalty and drop more consumables by making them cum multiple times 
  • [  ] Blockout intertior:  Workshop
  • [  ] Blockout intertior:  Lord's Manor
  • [  ] Add Crops; Corn, Rice, Wheat, Tomatos
  • [  ] Add Items; Corn Husk, Bag of Rice, Bag of Wheat, Tomato, Corn Seed, Rice Seeds, Wheat Seeds, Tomato Seed
  • [  ] Add Emotes: Give Birth, Recovered Hunger, Lust Increased, Lust Decreased
  • [  ] Monsters purchased from the Harem need to properly show their hair/trim colours, increase the proper resident count and set their names correctly
  • [  ] Add Skill stat, program chance to dodge
  • [  ] Change how monsters wander the garden. The current behaviour causes them to move around as a sort of hive mind cluster. I'd like them to look for favourite biomes and prefer to wander areas with tiles/trees/decorations that they like. This was a great suggestion by patron Xanthic!
  • [  ] Finalize Feral Monster Programming
  • [  ] Create system for upgrading tools
  • [  ] Fix glitch: battle FX sometimes remain after combat
  • [  ] Fix glitch: monsters sometimes lose focus on their partner during sex, causing mating stats and other things to not record properly

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

MGG: Monsteronna Village

Posted a new video to YouTube showing the progress that's been made on the Village, which I call 'Monsteronna Village.' This is a direct translation to "Monster Girl Village," 'Onna' being the direct translation for 'girl' in Japanese.

Welcome, my friends and trainers!

Friday, September 15, 2017

MGG: Game Guide

I've received a lot of requests for a Game Guide of sorts, so thus information will also appear in game in version 0.8.

1. Clearing the Land
The first thing you'll want to do is clear the land, debris gets in the way and blocks certain actions, so the more you remove the easier time you'll have. Rocks can be broken down with the Pick, and picked up for crafting later. Logs can be broken down, and trees chopped down with the Axe. Weeds can be cleared away, and tiles (such as Dry Grass or Dry Soil) can be turned into Soil with the Hoe.
2. Sculpting your Garden
Once clean now it's time to make your garden your own. Check the encyclopaedia (via the main menu) to see what changes will attract the monster(s) you want. Grass is planted by using a Grass Bag on a Soil tile. Water can be accessed by digging down. Note that any tile which is submerged will begin to erode over time. After a period of roughly 2 days the tile will become Sand. Land can be moved up or down at any time with the Shovel.
3. DING! You have a visitor
The shop door chime indicates that a monster has found its way onto your garden. They'll wander the area as they please for a few hours before leaving, unless you convince them to stay! Note that monsters are totally random, down to their needs, a monster could enter your property with full Lust, and immediately start masturbating for example. So don't be concerned if you don't see them for a while. Also note that visiting monsters have no colour, their hair and body trim colours will be white. When a monster chooses to stay their true colours will be revealed, and you can begin issuing them commands.
4. Make Monster Do Stuff
Observe each monsters stats, these are very important, and will become even more important as development continues. Here is a breakdown:
HP: Stamina in battle, when this reaches 0 the monster is defeated, the opponent is given the opportunity to take advantage of them, and will if their Lust is too high.
MP: Energy to launch special attacks in battle. This recovers over time.
EN: Energy to perform actions outside of combat. Masturbating and having sex costs 1 EN, and engaging in combat costs 2 EN. Level 1 monsters only have 3 EN, so keep this in mind early on. Monsters recover EN at 6am, so if you really want to focus on making money, start them fucking or masturbating early so they don't waste EN on useless fighting.
Loyalty: This stat actually does nothing at the moment, but simply winds up over time if Hunger is sated. This system will be optimized later.
Lust: How horny the monster is. This controls how likely they are to passively begin masturbating or fuck another monster. This can be increased by feeding the monster certain items (Neko Jizz) or decreased by other items (Elf Fluid.)
Hunger: How healthy the monster is.  When a monster gets too hungry they will automatically look for food, but you can command them to Eat something at any time.
Monsters can be issued commands at any time, and will complete them as long as they have the EN to do so. You can tell you monster to Move (0 EN), Eat Something (0 EN),  Masturbate (1 EN), Fuck (1 EN), or Fight (2 EN.) You can also Rename the monster. Note that when issuing the Fuck command, the monster targeted must be horny enough to accept, as this command engages consensual sex. To make a monster take advantage of another monster, raise their Lust to 100 (ensuring the engagement after combat) and send them to fight the other monster. Stronger monsters are harder to rape for obvious reasons, they must first be defeated in combat. Tip the scales by feeding HP Potions to the monster with the disadvantage if you can. 
5. HP Potions? what What WHAT!?
Yeah so there's already a little bit of hidden crafting in the game, item descriptions will reveal this to you. HP Potions can be crafted by dropping a slime gel into a bottle of water. The colour of the slime determines the effect, Red = HP, Blue = MP, and Green = EN. Bottles of water can be made by dropping an Empty Bottle into a Water tile.
6. Making Moneyyy
Making money at this point of development consists of selling stuff. More trees can be planted to generate more acorns/cactus pears to sell, you could focus on generating monster consumables, or you could sell your monsters at the local Harem. The most effective way to generate monster consumables is to make them fuck, monsters having sex takes slightly longer, but produces 2 consumables. While all your pairs of monsters are busy, you can enter player mode and engage an additional monster to produce more consumables while you wait for the others to finish their business (speaking from an efficiency standpoint.) 
7. Player Mode
Speaking of fucking your monsters, we should touch on Player mode. Pressing C at any time will switch you between Player and God mode. You can fuck any monster who is not busy by Left Clicking them, or pressing Bottom Face Button (A) on the gamepad. Right now animations simply play, and there's a cool quick finale where you can aim your shots. However when this system is complete you'll play a mini-game to earn more consumables. Focusing on the monster's pleasure will produce more consumables, in tandem with certain stats the Player will have, as well as other stats which can be added to Monsters, while focusing on your pleasure will complete the mini game faster.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

MGG: Harpies

So here's female harpies using the current randomization system. All of these different variables, hair colour, face, body, and breast size, will all be part of the planned "DNA" system. In essence all of the possibilities for each of these variables will exist on a 0-1 scale (hair and trim colour being 3 0-1 scales, R G B) this value is stored within each monster to save their appearance, but also to pass on these values when breeding occurs.

When two monsters breed each variable will pick a parent and set them as the dominant genetic partner for that value. The value will then be "mutated" slightly (randomly shift away from the given value) the result is the child's value for that variable.

Breast size and penis size will be contained in each monster, even if they don't have that genital. Think of these as recessive genes. So, for example, let's say you mate two harpies, one with giant boobs. The child may take that trait from the mother, and end up with slightly larger, or slightly smaller breasts than her. However, it is also possible for her to take this trait from her father, since breast size is not displayed on males you can't know what value they'll be given. The male could have a recessive breast size of anywhere from 0-1, if he has a large recessive breast size gene, then the child in this case will be guarenteed to be born with large breasts. However, if the males recessive breast size gene is small, it could be seen as a 50/50 shot, since the child could pull this trait from either parent.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

MGG: v0.8 Planned Features

Hey folks, migrated the incomplete items from the last to do list. 
  • New Monster: Lesser Succubus
  1. Model
  2. Texture
  3. Animations
  4. Program

  • Complete in game nude textures for Gold+ patrons
  • Fixed an error which caused new monsters to sometimes have the wrong name, causing duplicate names on occassion
  • Fixed an error which could cause infinite call stacks if too many girls were in the garden; made their code more efficient to prevent this
  • Allow players to buy new monsters of the species they have previously resided from the Harem
  • Add blend shapes to monster girls to control boob size
  • Rescuplt penis for futanari monsters, no balls, blend shapes switch between flacid and erect based on monsters lust
  • A couple male on female animations
  • Options menu with some basic settings, minimize/fullscreen etc.
  • Unreal Engine 4 defaults to a borderless execution window, trying to find a way to change this to the classic bordered window when not in fullscreen mode (Unsure if fixed completely)
  • Fixed a glitch where monsters would slip away or begin masturbating while getting fucked by the player
  • Complete masturbate and player on monster animatons (female/futa):
  1. Neko Masturbate (futa)
  2. Neko on Player (futa)
  3. Slime Masturbate (futa)
  4. Slime on Player (futa)
  5. Slime on Player (female)
  6. Harpy on Player (futa)
  7. Harpy on Player (female)
  8. Lamia Masturbate (futa)
  9. Lamia Masturbate (female)
  10. Lamia on Player (futa)
  11. Lamia on Player (female)
  12. Elf Masturbate (futa)
  13. Elf Masturbate (female)
  14. Elf on Player (futa)
  15. Elf on Player (female)
  • 3 Alternate Faces for each monster
  • Alternate Body Trim colours for each monster
  • Alternate Hair styles
  • Genetics system properly passes traits down to children
  • Fix an error where new children monsters and new resident monsters do not properly display their colours until reload
  • Sex minigame with monsters to increase their loyalty and make them drop more consumables by cumming multiple times
  • Program penises to only be erect when owner is aroused
  • Add Workshop to the town, remove fences from shop
  • Player mode, run/sprint 
  • Add items; copper ore, bronze bar, silver ore, silver bar, gold ore, gold bar, unrefined ruby, refined ruby
  • Add Skill stat, program chance to dodge
  • Fix a glitch where trees can be planted inside of one another
  • Change how monsters wander the garden. The current behaviour causes them to move around as a sort of hive mind cluster. I'd like them to look for favourite biomes and prefer to wander areas with tiles/trees/decorations that they like. This was a great suggestion by patron Xanthic!
  • Create system for upgrading tools
  • Allow players to turn off the appearance of Futanari monsters

Sunday, August 06, 2017

MGG: Release Schedule Info

I'm making some changes to the release cycle for Monster Girl Garden. This change is being made to create more value for my patrons, since they're the only reason I'm able to do this.
The game used to have a constant update and patch cycle, meaning the game was consistently updated and different people were given the game at different points.

The new schedule will work like this:
The public release is scheduled for August 15th, the version which will be made public will be the last version silver patrons had access to. On the same day a new silver release will be launched containing all of the recent updates. 
This will continue each month, with the public release always being 1 month behind the silver version. As well the development build will be constantly updated weekly.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

MGG: Player Mode!

Check this out, this idea could change the whole direction of the game. If you've been following development you'll know I've been trying to think of a way to have humans in the game, as well as a way to have the player directly "interact" (😘) with their monsters. Well I may have just solved both of these at once. Introducing player mode!
It's just a test right now, but I don't see any reason why it won't work. Also, you may be asking yourself, well Nox, why have a disembodied hand at all? Why not have the player character carry around the tools and items and cut out god mode all together? 
If you are, we're on the same page.

I'd like to make the player fully customizable and allow them to interact with monsters as well as use the tools themselves. I'll be working on this for the next public version, but it's pretty ambitious so we'll see if I can do it in time.

UPDATE: The animation has been released to Gold+ patrons, and soon Ruby patrons will be able to test out this feature. Player interaction (AKA fucking your monster) is almost finished.

The core mechanics are programmed and animations are in for Neko. There's a cool squirt particle you could see in the animation preview 😋, and I'm working on a POV aim function for the end. If you know what I mean.

You don't? Seriously? Alright, here...

That won't be a public feature for a long time, but patrons will get to test it out soon.

Friday, July 21, 2017

MGG: New Monster, Elf!

Elf has now been added to the game, there's still a little bit of work to do on her visit/reside requirements but she's playable and I'll be releasing an early access version for Gold+ members in a day or two. Here's her encyclopaedia entry.

Virginity will be added in this version. Monsters whose total sexual record (excluding masturbations) are zero are considered virgins. In the future a corruption alternative will be added, these will both have an effect on magic attacks. Less corruption powering up light type attacks, while higher corruption would power up dark type attacks.

Friday, July 14, 2017

MGG: 8/15 Public Release, Planned Features

The most recent update went swimmingly, thanks mostly to my amazing patrons who are doubling as a QA team because they are so fantastic. All the features which will be included in the public release tomorrow are in, I just have a bit of yardwork to do before I can put it up, so I'll be migrating the very few incomplete things from the last list to this one.
This is not the complete list yet, I'm just setting the page up so I can throw ideas up when I have more time.

  • New Monster, Elf
  1. Model
  2. Texture
  3. Animations
  4. Program
  • Elf introduces a new element, innocence, a monster with a total sexual record (excluding masturbations) of zero is a virgin. Virginity will be a requirement for different things. As well, when a monster has sex with a virgin it is recorded as a corruption. When a monster rapes a virgin it is recorded as a defilement. Defilement may be a requirement, for example, to have a Succubus reside. Virginity is displayed as a small cross on the info panel
  • Adding tool levels; each tool will only swing 1 time, different amounts of swings will be needed to accomplish different goals, i.e. chop a tree down is 10 swings. Higher tool levels will deal more damage. Higher shovel and hoe levels will play the animation faster
  • Virginity is displayed in the Monster Info Panel as a cross, if they are no longer pure this image will disappear
  • Garden detail and monster records now displayed on a grid image, much more efficient use of space
  • Fixed an error which prevented commanding a monster to perform any action on visiting monsters
  • Add Items; Fence Gate, Elf Fluid
  • Alternate costume for Elf for patrons
  • Switch planting to hoe function, remove from shovel
  • Player mode, player can walk around, target monsters, and fuck them
  • From now on, any Harpy who resides will be one of six colours. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple. Any blue resident harpies will remain blue
  • Fixed a glitch which allowed a monster to be engaged in combat while they were busy doing something else
  • Fixed an error which prevented Harpies, Lamia, and Elves from dropping their sexual material after fucking
  • Player mode, player can select tools, displays correct tool and material
  • Player mode, POV aimable cumshot 
  • Allow players to sell their monsters
  • Add Workshop to the town, remove fences from shop
  • Player mode, run/sprint 
  • A couple male on female animations
  • Add items; copper ore, bronze bar, silver ore, silver bar, gold ore, gold bar, unrefined ruby, refined ruby
  • Options menu with some basic settings, minimize/fullscreen etc.
  • Add Skill stat, program chance to dodge
  • Fix a glitch where trees can be planted inside of one another
  • Change how monsters wander the garden. The current behaviour causes them to move around as a sort of hive mind cluster. I'd like them to look for favourite biomes and prefer to wander areas with tiles/trees/decorations that they like. This was a great suggestion by patron Xanthic!
  • Create system for upgrading tools

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Dat Shorts reviews Monster Girl Garden!

Oh man, am I ever feeling the love! Seems like the game's popularity is picking up speed, Dat Game Shorts just dropped a new video on YouTube reviewing the early work on Monster Girl Garden! Check it out, he makes some great points.

"Vagina Penis Garden" does have a nice ring to it...

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

MGG: Comprehensive Attack List

This list is more for my own personal reference, but instead of keeping it in a text document I'll put it here so everyone can benefit from the hidden information entailed.

Claw Slash is a physical, ATK based move. Melee range.
Sand Attack is a physical, ATK/SPD based technique. Adds 2 seconds to enemy monster's current cooldown. (When Skill stat and missing attacks are added in the future, this will decrease the enemy monster's chance to hit.) Mid range.
Magic Missile is a magical, ATK/MP based move.  Adds 1 second to enemy monster's current cooldown. Knocks enemy monster backwards slightly. Close range.
Heal Wounds is a magical, MP based technique. Heals monster for 33% of MP. Costs 3 MP. Mid Range.
Talon Scratch is a physical, ATK/SPD based move. Melee range.
Beat Wings is a magical, SPD based technique. Applies Haste. Haste reduces the cooldown of your next attacks, the number of attacks depends on the ability. Beat Wings sets Haste to 3. Costs 2 MP. Mid range.
Tail Whip is a physical, ATK based move. Melee range.
Poison Sting is a physical, HP/MP based technique. Applies Poisoned to enemy monster. Poisoned deals damage every time the enemy monster attacks, the number of turns it lasts and damage it deals depends on the severity of the poison. Poison Sting sets Poisoned to 3, and deals 25% initial damage. Costs 2 MP. Close range.
Fire Ball is a magical, ATK based move. Knocks enemy monster backwards slightly. Close range.

You could probably glean most of this yourself but I'll break down the phrases.

"Physical" denotes a material ability
"Magical" denotes a magical ability
"ATK based" means the ability gets its damage mostly, if not entirely, from the Attack stat. If two stats are listed the ratio is exactly even.
"Move" denotes the nature of the ability, these are straight damage attacks which generally cause no special effect and never require MP.
"Technique" means the ability either causes a special effect or it requires MP.
"Range" refers to the distance required to launch the attack. There are 4 attack slots, each occupying one of the ranges. In order; melee, close, mid, long. Though there are presently no long range attacks.

MGG: A Note About Requirements

So today I reconfigured how monsters record their sexual interactions, now the game records much more specific data. This was done to make the Lamia resident requirements functional. Since Lamia needs to rape 1 Harpy, the game needed to be able to record which specific interactions happened how many times. The game now records; times masturbated, times they fuck another monster and which kind, times they were fucked by another monster and which kind, times they rape another monster and which kind, times they were raped by another monster and which kind, and how many battle victories and loses against each species.

The encyclopaedia will tell you exactly which kind of interactions will go towards the monster's resident requirements. For example, slime must "Fuck or be Fucked one time," fucking includes raping, but raping does not include fucking. The Lamia's requirement to reside is "Rape 1 Harpy," this will only be achieved when a Harpy is fucked after losing a fight. All rapes are fucks, but not all fucks are rapes. And their place in the interaction is also of course important, the Harpy resident requirements contain "Be Fucked 1 time," this is not the same as "Fuck 1 time." The monster who initiated the sexual interaction is considered the one "Fucking," while the other is considered the one "Being Fucked."

Monday, July 10, 2017

MGG: New Monster idea Sphinx

I had a cool inspiration today for a new monster girl, and how to obtain her could expand game play even more. 
Evolving and crossbreeding monsters. This could be two new ways to obtain new monsters. For example cross breeding a lamia and a slime could produce a mermaid like monster.
The idea I'm working on right now is evolving Neko into Sphinx. With this new feature a Neko could change into a Sphinx once certain conditions are met.
For now I think the conditions would be something along the lines of:
If a Neko is above level 5, and rapes 1 harpy and 1 lamia, both while standing on sand tiles; it will transform into a Sphinx.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

MGG: New Monster, Lamia!

Hey people, this post is a little overdue, but it's the encyclopaedia entry for Lamia. Lamia have a slightly higher stat average than the other 3 starting monsters, placing her on a new tier. As the game goes on stronger and stronger monster girls will begin appearing, this is a VERY small taste of how that system will work. A number of species hidden stats known as Growth, have always added up to the same value; 9. The Lamia is on a slightly higher tier as her Growth stats add up to 10. As the game develops stronger and stronger girls will be added, these numbers will be tweaked as the game is balanced but relatively speaking monsters on the same "tier" are designed to be equally strong, but with different advantages and disadvantages. So far the list would look like this:
Tier 2: Neko, Slime, Harpy
Tier 1: Lamia
Bearing in mind the difference between Tier 1 and 2 is very small, however as new tiers are added this difference will increase. Here is the encyclopaedia entry for Lamia:

Lamia marks another fairly large update (relatively speaking,) which could appropriately be called the "Desert Biome" update. This update adds the following:
Tile: Sand
Items: Snake Oil, Cactus Pear
Tree: Cactus
This is a small taste of conditioning, and how the player will be able to transform sections of their garden into habitats for different monsters. Eventually monsters coded behaviour will have them prefer to stay near habitat elements (i.e. lamia stays near sand and cactus, neko stays near grass, harpy stays near trees, and slime near water)
But for the meantime the player can create biome sections and cut them off with fences, for example, if they so desire.
Tip: Sand can be created by leaving a tile under water for a period of 2 in game days, this equals 48 real minutes with no time dilation.

Friday, June 30, 2017

MGG: 7/15 Public Release, Planned Features

Setting this page up right now to carry over the few things that were not added to the patron release tonight. These features will be carried forward and I'll use them to start the next patch, bearing in mind many more things will be added as I create the update.
  • New monster, Lamia
  1. Model
  2. Texture
  3. Animations (idle1, idle2, move, attack, masturbate, sex)
  4. Program New Attacks (Poison Dart, and Tail Whip)
  5. Complete visit requirements
  6. Complete resident requirements

  • Tiles with water over them should become "Sand" tiles after 2 days
  • Add new tree, Cactus, drops item Cactus Pear
  • Add new tree, Maple tree
  • Certain tiles, once a day, will have a 5% chance to generate clutter, flowers, or trees depending on the tile. For example, a sand tile each day has a 5% chance to begin growing a cactus, as long as it is not submerged. This occurs at noon every day.
  • Add flowers to save system
  • Allow flowers to spawn when making new gardens
  • Make fences destroyable with the axe
  • Added text render to show the name of a hovered item before you pick it up
  • Battle Arena menu now displays Monster Name instead of species and level
  • Add decorations (fences at the moment) to save system
  • New items; Harpy Cum, Snake Oil, Cactus Pear
  • Add combat state; Poisoned (this deals damage equal to 25% of the initial poisoning damage every time the poisoned monster attacks)
  • Complete MP system (cost/regen)
  • Changed gender spawn frequency; female 50%, male 41.6%, futa 8.3%, will still probably tweak these in the future 
  • Get monster skill system ready for changing skill loadouts
  • Tweaked collision while buying land, can now detect tiles through obstructions
  • The game needs to keep detailed information on Monster interactions, right now it only remembers how many times each monster has masturbated, fucked, or been fucked. This needs to be more detailed, keeping records of number of fucks, rapes, and fight victories/loses
  • For now offspring will not be created if one of the parents is a visitor. Eventually if one parent is a visitor and the other is a resident, the child will only take its species from the resident parent
  • Add audio prompts for monsters entering garden (thanks again, interLewd!)
  • Considering reducing Neko visit/reside requirements from 20/50 to 15/30
  • Redo tool system. The new system will work like this: The player is using a tool, or an item, or nothing. Tool will pull out the tool, and use will use the tool. When holding something B or Right Click will put the item or tool away. When not holding anything A will interact with monsters, or pick up items, depending on if the player is locked to a monster or not. Hoe will be added, removing Alternate tool use, Shovel will only dig.
  • Items will pull out the item and use will drop them until quantity is zero; all items work like grass bags
  • Fix a problem where monsters can fall into the river and become irretrievable, as well as the player (pointed out by a patron)
  • Added a function where monsters who somehow become trapped outside the garden can temporarily phase through fences to get back in. This will only ever occur if the game detects that they are standing above a tile which is not owned
  • A couple "male" on female animations
  • Add Skill stat, program chance to dodge
  • Adding tool levels; each tool will only swing 1 time, different amounts of swings will be needed to accomplish different goals, i.e. chop a tree down is 10 swings. Higher tool levels will deal more damage. Higher shovel level will play the dig animation faster. Higher hoe level will clear tiles in a line, the length equal to the tools level (bronze will clear 1 square, silver 2, gold 3, and ruby 4, in a straight line)

Friday, June 23, 2017

MGG: Next Patron Update 6/29

Just assembling a super quick list here for the planned updates for the patron release next week.

  • Added Time Dilation! Ruby Level donors from Patreon will have access to a special version with this feature unlocked. Down the line a monster may provide this feature to the free versions, but this will be a long way away, and may never actually happen
  • Save and load visiting monsters
  • Visitors should not generate loyalty
  • Do not allow sex engagement after fight if EN is too low
  • Monster commands
  1. Do not allow lock on during tool use or item selection
  2. Add commanded behaviour, when locked on press A to command monster
  3. Monster faces player while being commanded, does nothing else waits for command, do not allow other monsters to interact with a commanded monster
  4. B unlocks and aborts commanding the monster
  5. Add commands: Rename, Move, Eat, Fight, Masturbate, Fuck
  • Test male species variant (for the time being these will appear like futanari, they will have female bodies with a dick. Male models will come when the system is complete. All "male" slimes will always be futanari.)
  • Display Trainer Information, this will contain data on how many monsters have visited the garden, how many are residents, as well as your Trainer Rank, which you will be able to boost when tournaments are added
  • Monsters would never masturbate when near possible partners, this has been fixed
  • Corrected an error which caused tiles to spawn over the "river"
  • Fixed a lot of errors which caused monsters to stop spawning
  • Increase the frequency of monster spawning
  • Fixed an error which caused the last item in a stack sold to return no money
  • Finish programming new harpy attacks
  • Fixed an error which casued children to be named after the parents species, instead of their own (for example, a slime and harpy could make a new slime called Harpy 2, etc.)
  • Only two monsters of the same species can produce offspring, unless one of them is a slime
  • If two monsters are both male, or both female, offspring will not be produced
  • Test clothes variants for neko/harpy
  • Harpies now only visit during the daytime (6am-6pm)
  • Players can now buy and place fences, eventually will create a method, probably a building in town, where these can be crafted from wood and/or stone, as well as other decortaions
Here is a video which showcases some of, but not all, new features coming out in the new patron release tonight.

Monday, June 19, 2017

MGG: Quick Hotfix

A member of the itch community pointed out an error the other day which was causing monsters to stop spawning. This has now been fixed and re-uploaded to for everyone.

Friday, June 16, 2017

MGG version 0.3 is released!

Head on over to the page to check out the latest version! Lot's of new features to check out, gives you a better idea of where the game is going.


Friday, June 09, 2017

MGG: Moving Saves

I've figured out how Unreal's packaged projects look for saved games, and it should help everyone move their save files between versions. Here's the breakdown:

In the file, you'll find two folders, text files, and an executable. The text files are included information for your benefit, these are either change logs, the instruction manual, or the manifest (this is created on packaging, and I'm still unsure if it's necessary so I'm hesitant to remove it at this point).

Under the MGG folder you'll find Content and Saved, expand Saved. Under Saved you should find Config and Logs. When you save a file, a new folder called SaveGames is created. Gardens are saved in order, your first save will be called 1.sav, then 2.sav, etc. 

If you have an older version of the game, and you want to play your old garden in the updated version, simply copy the .sav file from the old version, and paste it into the SaveGames folder in the new version. If you haven't yet made any saves in the new version, you may as well copy and paste the whole SaveGames folder from the old version.

Please feel encouraged to contact me if you need help with this 😀

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

MGG: New Monster, Harpy!

The next monster coming into the game is the Harpy, this is due to the original development schedule, and also my attachment to Harpy as a character. I know that there is a desire for male monsters, and I'm currently considering my options. These are as follows:
  1. Male monsters are of a new species, this species resembles a current female model (i.e. cat girls have a wolf boy equivalent) and they can always produce offspring together, but have different base stats, requirements, and moves. Or they are unrelated to a current female species, but certain ones can interbreed.
  2. More complicated, but more worthwhile in the long run, is to have a male and female version of each species. This would take the place of an additional variable in the monster actor, and change the model and animation sets accordingly. (I'll probably go this route, as this will make room for futanari variants)
However due to the demand for content I'm pushing the Harpy as the next monster to keep it simple for now. Here is the current encyclopaedia entry, with a picture from as a placeholder.

I will also add the following 2 moves for harpies to use in battle.

Talon Scratch; ATK/SPD damage move, deals .5x ATK + .5x SPD as damage
Beat Wings; SPD effect move, the next 3 attack cooldowns will be reduced by 90%.

Harpies cannot masturbate due to the nature of their arms. Instead they have to get their lust out with other monsters. Harpies take longer to become horny than other species.

Friday, June 02, 2017

MGG: Next Public Release, Planned Features

This is just a checklist of the features I'd like to include in the next public release, which could be seen as version 0.3. I probably won't be able to complete the whole list by the 15th but that's when I'm aiming for. Ruby level patrons will get daily access to the features as they are developed, and Gold or higher will be able to preview Harpy creation.
This list is in order from most to least important;

New Monster, Harpy
  • Create encyclopaedia entry
  • Add species to monster actor
  • Create model, rig
  • Texture model
  • Animations
  1. Standing
  2. Fly
  3. Idle
  4. Attack
  5. Sex

  • Create produce item
  • Program Combat Moves
Other/Misc (COMPLETE)
  • Sometimes if no child is created monsters can "pass on" their best skill to their partner. I.E. if a monsters DEF is its highest skill after sex their partners DEF will increase by 1. This will occur 25% of the time
  • Fixed an error which caused items to fall through the tiles
  • Found a way to combine opacity with roughness and normal maps, water is now see through
  • Add an audio prompt for when monsters spawn into the garden
Monster Commands
  • Clamp max loyalty at 100 instead of 50, revamp loyalty system later
  • Create command behaviour for player and monster
  • Allow player to move monster to desired location
  • Allow player to command monster to eat a certain item
  • Allow player to instruct monster to masturbate
  • Allow player to command monster to fight another monster
  • Allow player to command monster to fuck a certain other monster
Expand Your Garden (COMPLETE)
  • Reprogram how the game determines your property, right now a volume is used, some things will need to be changed simply to test which tiles are owned
  • Allow player to purchase tiles
Potion Making (COMPLETE)
  • Add items, HP Potion, MP Potion, EN Potion, Empty bottle, Water bottle, Red Slime Gel, Green Slime Gel
  • Add variants variable to monster actor, tie different colored slimes to save system
  • Ensure each slime variant produces it's own colour gel
  • Make water: drop empty bottle into water tile
  • Make potion: drop gel onto water bottle (Red produces HP Potion, Blue produces MP Potion, and Green produces EN Potion)
  • Use potion: let monster eat or drop on them
  • Red Slime Gel restores some HP when eaten raw, Blue Slime Gel; MP, and Green Slime Gel; EN.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

MGG: Monster Attack Details

Just posting some information about the current monster attacks, plans for future attacks, and how this all affects combat.
Here is a breakdown of the current 4 attacks in greater detail.

Claw Slash: ATK damage move, deals 1x ATK as damage
Sand Attack: ATK effect move, deals .5x ATK as damage, +2 cooldown

The +2 cooldown indicates that Sand Attack adds 2 seconds to the enemies current attack cooldown. In the future as combat develops more stats will be added like SKL (skill) or DEX (dexterity) which would allow for misses and moves which increase or decrease that chance.

Magic Missile: MP/ATK damage move, deals .5x MaxMP + .5x ATK as damage, pushback
Heal Wounds: MP effect move, heals .3x MaxMP to self

Pushback indicates that it will knock your enemy backwards a little bit, this could be used either to simply gain distance between you and your enemy, or put them into position for a further ranged attack. In the future there may also be moves which teleport either monster to a certain location, or push either one forwards or back. Succubi could have a move which pulls the enemy monster towards them, for example.

Also any monster can shove the enemy backwards by moving to near minimum range and attacking.

That's all, patrons will have access to the Battle Arena tomorrow 😊

Monday, May 29, 2017

MGG: Progress Update 5/29

The Battle Arena update is done and rolling out for patrons on the 1st of June! Now's your chance to get in, since only patrons who subscribed before the 1st will have access. Everyone else will have to wait for June 15-22. Here is a video of the update below, as well as the changelog below that.

MGG Change Log: v0.1 -> v0.2

Small Fixes:
-Minor control adjustments
-Monsters now reverse walking animation when moving backwards
-Fixed bug which caused the axe to stop working
-Trees now yield different amounts based on their age
-Monsters no longer pop to the center of the garden when becoming residents
-Visiting monsters can now leave after a period of time
-Trees can no longer be planted on top of each other
-Changed grass heightmap from the same image as trees to something that makes more sense
-Grass now costs item quantity, but can also be purchased

Big Changes:
-Combat revamped, neko and slime have 2 abilities each, and pick one when fighting, AI logic for moving in and out of range also vastly changed.
(Note that this has caused minor complications which will be addressed later, for example; a visiting slime girl COULD stand outside your gardens fence and launch magic missiles at nekos unable to reach their melee range due to fence obstruction.)
-Battle Arena added, players can now pick between 2 difficulties and randomize opponents. These can be fought by the player controlling the monster or by letting the monster fight for itself.
-General Store added, players can now buy and sell items.
-Thanks Page added to the main menu, look this over, these people are the best.
-Tiles/fences have been prepped for expandable gardens, look forward to this soon.
-Changed tile detection (thanks interLewd!), more accurate tool use.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

MGG: Battle Arena!

Hey guys, I've been burning through the list of bug fixes and adjustments, so I started adding a town section to the game. Right now this is only a menu with a few buttons listing locations, accessible from the pause menu, but eventually I would like to conceptualize and create 3D spaces for all these places.

Right now the General Store is the only part of the town complete, but that's a big addition. Players can now purchase grass, acorns, and daisy seeds, as well as sell any items they may have. Be aware when you go to town that your garden continues running in the background, so try not to take too much time! Also considering advancing the clock each "trip" to town.

The next big feature is the Battle Arena. This will add playability and give players more of a reason to selective breed strong monsters. If you've ever played Monster Rancher 2, the system will work a bit like that. The player will have a Trainer Rank, which will dictate the level of single battles or tournaments they can enter. This will increase if you beat a special tournament, allowing you to fight harder monsters. Trainer Rank could also be tied to unlocking certain monsters, and battles/ tournaments won could be a breeding requirement, or a requirement for an alternate skin for certain monsters.

Here's a shot of the blocked out battle arena.

Hoping to have this feature complete for Patrons by the 1st of June, and the next public release will be 2-3 weeks after that. Along with the next public release, it has come to my attention that some players require a 32x build, and I'm looking at making a Mac build as well.

Battle Specifics:
When a battle is starting the player will be given the option to control the monster or let them fight for themselves. If you choose to control the monster you will give it commands during the fight. Move your monster towards or away from the enemy, and into the range of your desired attack (see above.) Different special attacks will be unlocked at different levels, you can select 4 to bring into battle at once, each one a different range. Melee, Close Range, Mid Range, and Long Range.

Combat AI will be revamped to take advantage of this system, letting monsters pick their desired attack from a list, then moving into range to complete it, and then attacking. This will be the same behaviour which occurs if you choose not to control your monster in combat. The benefit of this is that the monster will never second guess itself, if a monsters loyalty is too low it may choose to ignore your command in battle and instead do nothing.

UPDATE: Combat has now been revamped, monsters use the behaviour described above now when fighting. The Battle Arena is basically done now, the player can choose to control their monster in combat or not. However at this point you may as well control them, since the Loyalty system is not done their performance is unaffected by it.

Right now there are only 4 attacks, 2 for neko and 2 for slime girl.
Claw Slash: Melee 
Sand Attack: Mid Range
Magic Missile: Close Range
Heal Wounds: Mid Range

UPDATE: Here's how it looks right now, I'm going to release a progress update video on YouTube soon showing all the recent progress.

In the future certain monsters may have or be able to gain a trait which allows them to see the enemies attack bar.