Thursday, July 06, 2017

MGG: New Monster, Lamia!

Hey people, this post is a little overdue, but it's the encyclopaedia entry for Lamia. Lamia have a slightly higher stat average than the other 3 starting monsters, placing her on a new tier. As the game goes on stronger and stronger monster girls will begin appearing, this is a VERY small taste of how that system will work. A number of species hidden stats known as Growth, have always added up to the same value; 9. The Lamia is on a slightly higher tier as her Growth stats add up to 10. As the game develops stronger and stronger girls will be added, these numbers will be tweaked as the game is balanced but relatively speaking monsters on the same "tier" are designed to be equally strong, but with different advantages and disadvantages. So far the list would look like this:
Tier 2: Neko, Slime, Harpy
Tier 1: Lamia
Bearing in mind the difference between Tier 1 and 2 is very small, however as new tiers are added this difference will increase. Here is the encyclopaedia entry for Lamia:

Lamia marks another fairly large update (relatively speaking,) which could appropriately be called the "Desert Biome" update. This update adds the following:
Tile: Sand
Items: Snake Oil, Cactus Pear
Tree: Cactus
This is a small taste of conditioning, and how the player will be able to transform sections of their garden into habitats for different monsters. Eventually monsters coded behaviour will have them prefer to stay near habitat elements (i.e. lamia stays near sand and cactus, neko stays near grass, harpy stays near trees, and slime near water)
But for the meantime the player can create biome sections and cut them off with fences, for example, if they so desire.
Tip: Sand can be created by leaving a tile under water for a period of 2 in game days, this equals 48 real minutes with no time dilation.

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