Tuesday, July 11, 2017

MGG: Comprehensive Attack List

This list is more for my own personal reference, but instead of keeping it in a text document I'll put it here so everyone can benefit from the hidden information entailed.

Claw Slash is a physical, ATK based move. Melee range.
Sand Attack is a physical, ATK/SPD based technique. Adds 2 seconds to enemy monster's current cooldown. (When Skill stat and missing attacks are added in the future, this will decrease the enemy monster's chance to hit.) Mid range.
Magic Missile is a magical, ATK/MP based move.  Adds 1 second to enemy monster's current cooldown. Knocks enemy monster backwards slightly. Close range.
Heal Wounds is a magical, MP based technique. Heals monster for 33% of MP. Costs 3 MP. Mid Range.
Talon Scratch is a physical, ATK/SPD based move. Melee range.
Beat Wings is a magical, SPD based technique. Applies Haste. Haste reduces the cooldown of your next attacks, the number of attacks depends on the ability. Beat Wings sets Haste to 3. Costs 2 MP. Mid range.
Tail Whip is a physical, ATK based move. Melee range.
Poison Sting is a physical, HP/MP based technique. Applies Poisoned to enemy monster. Poisoned deals damage every time the enemy monster attacks, the number of turns it lasts and damage it deals depends on the severity of the poison. Poison Sting sets Poisoned to 3, and deals 25% initial damage. Costs 2 MP. Close range.
Fire Ball is a magical, ATK based move. Knocks enemy monster backwards slightly. Close range.

You could probably glean most of this yourself but I'll break down the phrases.

"Physical" denotes a material ability
"Magical" denotes a magical ability
"ATK based" means the ability gets its damage mostly, if not entirely, from the Attack stat. If two stats are listed the ratio is exactly even.
"Move" denotes the nature of the ability, these are straight damage attacks which generally cause no special effect and never require MP.
"Technique" means the ability either causes a special effect or it requires MP.
"Range" refers to the distance required to launch the attack. There are 4 attack slots, each occupying one of the ranges. In order; melee, close, mid, long. Though there are presently no long range attacks.

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