Tuesday, July 11, 2017

MGG: A Note About Requirements

So today I reconfigured how monsters record their sexual interactions, now the game records much more specific data. This was done to make the Lamia resident requirements functional. Since Lamia needs to rape 1 Harpy, the game needed to be able to record which specific interactions happened how many times. The game now records; times masturbated, times they fuck another monster and which kind, times they were fucked by another monster and which kind, times they rape another monster and which kind, times they were raped by another monster and which kind, and how many battle victories and loses against each species.

The encyclopaedia will tell you exactly which kind of interactions will go towards the monster's resident requirements. For example, slime must "Fuck or be Fucked one time," fucking includes raping, but raping does not include fucking. The Lamia's requirement to reside is "Rape 1 Harpy," this will only be achieved when a Harpy is fucked after losing a fight. All rapes are fucks, but not all fucks are rapes. And their place in the interaction is also of course important, the Harpy resident requirements contain "Be Fucked 1 time," this is not the same as "Fuck 1 time." The monster who initiated the sexual interaction is considered the one "Fucking," while the other is considered the one "Being Fucked."

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