Tuesday, May 23, 2017

MGG: Battle Arena!

Hey guys, I've been burning through the list of bug fixes and adjustments, so I started adding a town section to the game. Right now this is only a menu with a few buttons listing locations, accessible from the pause menu, but eventually I would like to conceptualize and create 3D spaces for all these places.

Right now the General Store is the only part of the town complete, but that's a big addition. Players can now purchase grass, acorns, and daisy seeds, as well as sell any items they may have. Be aware when you go to town that your garden continues running in the background, so try not to take too much time! Also considering advancing the clock each "trip" to town.

The next big feature is the Battle Arena. This will add playability and give players more of a reason to selective breed strong monsters. If you've ever played Monster Rancher 2, the system will work a bit like that. The player will have a Trainer Rank, which will dictate the level of single battles or tournaments they can enter. This will increase if you beat a special tournament, allowing you to fight harder monsters. Trainer Rank could also be tied to unlocking certain monsters, and battles/ tournaments won could be a breeding requirement, or a requirement for an alternate skin for certain monsters.

Here's a shot of the blocked out battle arena.

Hoping to have this feature complete for Patrons by the 1st of June, and the next public release will be 2-3 weeks after that. Along with the next public release, it has come to my attention that some players require a 32x build, and I'm looking at making a Mac build as well.

Battle Specifics:
When a battle is starting the player will be given the option to control the monster or let them fight for themselves. If you choose to control the monster you will give it commands during the fight. Move your monster towards or away from the enemy, and into the range of your desired attack (see above.) Different special attacks will be unlocked at different levels, you can select 4 to bring into battle at once, each one a different range. Melee, Close Range, Mid Range, and Long Range.

Combat AI will be revamped to take advantage of this system, letting monsters pick their desired attack from a list, then moving into range to complete it, and then attacking. This will be the same behaviour which occurs if you choose not to control your monster in combat. The benefit of this is that the monster will never second guess itself, if a monsters loyalty is too low it may choose to ignore your command in battle and instead do nothing.

UPDATE: Combat has now been revamped, monsters use the behaviour described above now when fighting. The Battle Arena is basically done now, the player can choose to control their monster in combat or not. However at this point you may as well control them, since the Loyalty system is not done their performance is unaffected by it.

Right now there are only 4 attacks, 2 for neko and 2 for slime girl.
Claw Slash: Melee 
Sand Attack: Mid Range
Magic Missile: Close Range
Heal Wounds: Mid Range

UPDATE: Here's how it looks right now, I'm going to release a progress update video on YouTube soon showing all the recent progress.

In the future certain monsters may have or be able to gain a trait which allows them to see the enemies attack bar.

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