Monday, May 29, 2017

MGG: Progress Update 5/29

The Battle Arena update is done and rolling out for patrons on the 1st of June! Now's your chance to get in, since only patrons who subscribed before the 1st will have access. Everyone else will have to wait for June 15-22. Here is a video of the update below, as well as the changelog below that.

MGG Change Log: v0.1 -> v0.2

Small Fixes:
-Minor control adjustments
-Monsters now reverse walking animation when moving backwards
-Fixed bug which caused the axe to stop working
-Trees now yield different amounts based on their age
-Monsters no longer pop to the center of the garden when becoming residents
-Visiting monsters can now leave after a period of time
-Trees can no longer be planted on top of each other
-Changed grass heightmap from the same image as trees to something that makes more sense
-Grass now costs item quantity, but can also be purchased

Big Changes:
-Combat revamped, neko and slime have 2 abilities each, and pick one when fighting, AI logic for moving in and out of range also vastly changed.
(Note that this has caused minor complications which will be addressed later, for example; a visiting slime girl COULD stand outside your gardens fence and launch magic missiles at nekos unable to reach their melee range due to fence obstruction.)
-Battle Arena added, players can now pick between 2 difficulties and randomize opponents. These can be fought by the player controlling the monster or by letting the monster fight for itself.
-General Store added, players can now buy and sell items.
-Thanks Page added to the main menu, look this over, these people are the best.
-Tiles/fences have been prepped for expandable gardens, look forward to this soon.
-Changed tile detection (thanks interLewd!), more accurate tool use.

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