Sunday, May 21, 2017

MGG: Next Public Release, planned features

I couldn't be happier with the release of the public demo, the support has already been amazing, and I'm getting a lot of good critiques and ideas for the future. With that being said, it's time to double down and really give players something to sink their teeth into, the following is a list of features which I plan to start working on, hopefully all of them will be in the next public release. Patreon supporters however will be able to try each new feature as they are completed, I'll link it again at the bottom of this post.

  • Visitors need to leave after a period of time. This is so that players can generate new visitor monsters without reloading their garden. (This is now done, seems to be working.)
  • Once you attain 2 of a monster, no more will visit. This is intentional so that players have to breed monsters to get more. However, I still want the player to be able to fight monsters which are not their own. Thinking of adding a battle arena game, similar to Monster Rancher 2. (Battle Arena is done and in, simple for now but widely expandable.)
  • Monsters simply teleport to the center of your garden when they become residents, this needs to be changed to a navigable point within the garden radius. That way if a tree or other decoration occupies that space they won't clip into it. (I'm really burning through these, this is done.)
  • Very simple menu based town. Allow players to buy and sell items at a shop, and possibly a harem for "renting out" your monsters to townspeople. (This has now been added, but the shops are not.)
    • Battle Arena (Simple randomized battles now available.)
    • General Store (Done, items can be bought and sold.)
    • Harem
  • Grass will not be free forever. (Sorry. 😋)
  • Oak tree wood yield needs to be relative to their age. (Done, lower yeilding trees will also have lower HP values.)
  • I have confirmed that trees can be stacked. Spawn your free acorns now while you can people xD (Tiles now have to be clear before a tree can be planted on them.)
  • Flowers will be added into the save system and allowed to spawn, considering making them edible if no other food is available. They may carry a negative effect, ex. lower lust.
  • Adding a few commands based on loyalty. Move, eat, and fight at first. Eventually masturbate and fuck will be added, possibly to this update, possibly to the next.
  • Thanks page dedicated to my amazing Patrons (This is done, visible from the Pause Menu, still looking into adding a permanent Thanks page to the Patreon.) 😁

Any support is greatly appreciated!

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