Wednesday, May 10, 2017

MGG: Progress Update 5/10

I've just been spending the last few days suring up all the little game play systems for the demo. There was a little work to do on the inventory system, for example, the monsters now generate an item when they masturbate or have sex. Nekos produce a bottle of Neko Squirt, while Slimes produce a ball of Slime Cum. Uses for these items may be changed down the line, but for the time being they are simply alternate food with different effects, eventually a shop will be added where these items can be sold and others can be bought. Neko Squirt will increase the Lust of monsters who consume it, and Slime Cum will restore a bit of HP, but neither are very effective for relieving hunger.

Also to test adding variants in the future, Slimes can now spawn in 1 of 3 colours. This is not yet tied to data, so it is not permanent, a Slime would set a new colour every time the game was loaded. This will be changed in the future, and possibly variants could produce a different form of their species material.

Here is a shot of some of the items lying around the garden. Also flowers have been added. Flowers will eventually die and sometimes spread seeds, these seeds can be planted to make new flowers, or if left alone they will plant themselves. These flowers will also produce a material when they die, to make a reason to plant and cultivate them.

Aside from a few things which still need to be added into the save system, and a couple animations basically everything for the demo is done. I might even add a very simple quest system before release.

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