Tuesday, May 02, 2017

MGG: Progress Update 5/02

Just a post to update everyone on the progress of the game, and how close we are to the public release demo.

There were a few bugs in the existing features that I preferred to hammer out now before continuing and over complicating the game before it's ready. There were some oddities in the saving system which have been rooted out; it turns out the arrays containing the save data were not clearing before saving again, so if the player saved multiple times in one session tiles, trees, etc would stack up on the next load.

The saving system works perfectly now for the time being. There was also a small glitch in the system which spawns wild monster girls into the surrounding forest, this has been fixed.

Rudimentary combat is now in the game, we just need a few animations to make it look good. If a monster is hungry it might start a fight with another monster at any time, if this happens they both move towards each other until the target is within the monsters attacking range (different species have different ranges). If their attack is cooled down they launch a hit which compares their Attack to the targets Defense, the result is sent as damage. The attack then has to cool down again, this is based on their base attack cool down (again, different per species) and, more importantly, the monster's Speed.

Here's a checklist to give you an idea of the demos progress. I'll try to come back to this post and strikethrough content which is complete.

-Combat, animations
-Combat, defeat
-Sex, slime animations
-Monsters, can produce offspring
-Monsters, can produce materials
-Monsters, visitors can become residents
-Monsters, can eat food lying around

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