Tuesday, April 25, 2017

MGG: Tech Update 4/25

Hey everyone, just wanted to make a quick update so you all know we're still hard at work. The last few days have been spent on some technical things and nipping game play bugs in the bud. 

The first thing was the saving and loading system, it was only saving certain things like tile data but has since been expanded to include all junk on the garden, any trees/food, the time of day, money held, etc etc.
There were some oddities with using items and switching between tools which would cause the wrong animations to play, nobody would have ever seen this, but hopefully since the most recent work nobody else ever will.
And lastly the garden has been majorly expanded. Initially the maximum size was 16x16, this has been expanded to 30x30. The beginning size of the garden is 10x10, so some quick math shows that the player will now have the ability to increase their space 9 fold through expansion. Here is a screenshot showing the new size:

Also the alternate view mode has been finished. In this mode your tool and items are invisible and you have greater control over the angle of the camera. The buttons which normally open the items and tools panels (on a gamepad, left and right triggers) become zoom buttons. It is not possible to act in this mode.

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