Saturday, April 01, 2017

MGG Update: Monster girls are in!

So today we completed a few big milestones for the game, the first was the creation of the neko girl character. The next step was bringing her into the engine, also successful, and last but certainly not least was the programming of the character herself. We have the game spawning them sometimes to visit your garden, they walk around and perform some idle animations. It's very rudimentary right now but it's the entire set up we need to really bring the girls to life. Next they will begin to interact with your garden and eachother in a variety of ways, and soon the player will be able to interact with them as well, if you catch my drift ;)

We will begin adding more girls, and different ways to attract them to your garden. Some might require you find and leave out a rare item, others might be looking for a garden with certain species already as residents. Some of them just want a lot of attention, stay tuned folks because soon you'll be able to give it to them!

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