Tuesday, April 11, 2017

MGG: Progress Update 4/11

Just a quick update on the progress of the game. These posts will probably be getting more and more point form unless I have something important to say.

-Changed the lighting scheme, added an ambient cubemap to change the colour of shadows and overall lighting. The main goal here was to make the shadows much less intense. Below is a comparison of the lighting versions.

-Added a second view mode which changes the pitch that the camera zooms on, as well as hides your tool/item making viewing your monsters much easier. The stats screen has also been expanded and moved.

-Added facial animations to the neko girl. These can be seen in the video below.

or here's a picture of a few of the breakdowns:

-Acorns have been added to the game. These will grow on existing trees and fall to the ground where they can either be picked up by the player or eaten by monsters. Acorns can be planted to produce a new tree. Trees take about 2 in game days to reach full height (this is roughly 48 minutes real time.)

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