Friday, April 07, 2017

MGG Update: Erotic Scene Implemented

We have officially begun the implementation of the game's erotic scenes. There are plenty of these and plenty of different ways they can be engaged, and different animations which can be unlocked under certain conditions. More examples of these to come. For now, the simplest of these is masturbation, this takes place as idle behaviour within the garden and any monster girl can engage in it at any time be they visitor, resident, or feral. Each monster girl has a horniness stat, which increases over time based on their species, and environmental conditions. For example a monster girl's horniness stat will increase faster if they are standing near a monster girl who is currently masturbating, or engaging in some other kind of sexual behaviour. 

Here is the first basic Neko girl masturbation animation, there will still be some in engine tweaks (mostly around the climax, and adding face animations) as well as plenty of alternative unlockable masturbation animations.

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