Monday, April 03, 2017

MGG Update: Quick Model Adjustment

Just a super quick update on the work done on Neko Girl tonight: we adjusted the mesh so her mouth is no longer part of the mesh itself, its now textured onto a flattened version of her face. This decision was made on the heels of realizing that animating the current version would be a lot more work, and possibly end up looking awkward. So we decided to cut that possibility off at the pass by handling face animation with the texture itself. This will be much easier to accomplish and will provide the game more of a cartoony, anime-esque look, which is what we're driving for. Here she is in engine with all her fangy cuteness.

Neko Girl wandering the garden, altered shadow intensity during the day

We also adjusted a bit of the post process volume to add bloom and control the light and shadow intensity a little more reliably.

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