Sunday, April 09, 2017

MGG: Stat explanations

Stats have now been added to the game, and monsters stats are viewable by hovering over them with your cursor. Here's a breakdown of the initial stats we are using, possibly adding more down the line such as entertainment and bathroom.

Level: Your monsters stats will increase every level and at certain levels they will learn attack abilities.
HP: Pretty obvious, when this reaches zero your monster is defeated and is vulnerable to sexual actions until revived.
MP: Used for casting learned attack abilities. 
EN: Your monsters energy, this dictates how many things they can do in a day. Mating costs 1 energy and fighting costs 2. Monsters sleep from 22:00-6:00 (unless nocturnal) and restore energy on waking. Nocturnal monsters sleep from 8:00-16:00.
ATK: Damage done in combat.
DEF: Damage reduction.
SPD: Attack speed and dodge rate.
Loyalty: How much your monster respects you, this increases and decreases over time based on your actions. High enough loyalty allows you to directly issue your monster commands. The higher their loyalty the more commands you can give them. Loyalty also unlocks new sexual animations.
Hunger: Your monsters need to eat or their HP will depleat over time. They are also more likely to start fights with other monsters the hungrier they get.
Horniness: This should be self explanatory. Increases over time and based on other factors, the higher this is the more likely a monster is to masturbate or try to engage another monster in sex. If monsters try to engage other monsters whose horniness is not high enough they will be rejected and might even provoke a fight, or start one themselves upon rejection.

Also tweaked the cursor so it will lock onto monsters when you hover over them, and break the lock by simply moving the cursor in any direction. Considering adding a second view mode when a button is held, this view mode will track the camera more directly towards the monsters offering a better view of animations.

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