Tuesday, April 04, 2017

MGG Update: Grass and Water

Started the inventory system, added a big old bag of grass. Speedy Lawn brand. I hope that's not a real thing, I don't know if they would appreciate this kind of publicity. So the player can now add grass to tiles in their garden, as well as use the shovel's alternate function to adjust their height. We've also taken more pictures from virtually the same angle to show off the time-lapse/day-night cycle. Next is making visiting monsters only show up once their visitation requirement is met. For example; Neko's should only start appearing as visitors when a garden has equal to or greater than 20 grass tiles.

The water was mainly added preemptively for the next monster girl; Slime Girl. She will begin visiting a garden with more than 20 water tiles, and will be able to be "convinced" (😉) to stay with more than 25 tiles of water.

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